My Story

I have been selling Scentsy for over nine years.  It has been an amazing journey in direct selling.  Because the product sells itself, the independent consultants job is extremely easy.  The holiday warmers and scents are wonderful and every six months the inventory changes to bring product excitement back to the scentsy catalog!  There are over 80 scents and over 50 warmers of various sizes.  There is a full size warmer, a midsize warmer, a plug in. There are element warmers that do not contain a light bulb.  There are college campus warmers and Major League Baseball warmers.   There are also different types of product to take smells away from an office, classroom, home or any place, and completely safe because it is a wickless and flameless system. Scentsy also offers discounts when product is purchased in bulk.  If you look in the catalog for the multi packs or online, you can get bars for free, roomsprays for free, and scent circles and travel tins for free.  Just look for the multi pack discounts.  Internet direct sales are an important part of the scentsy challenge.  You can order via internet from anywhere and have it shipped to you for a small fee.  Or if you order from me, you can get all of your product with free shipping or a discount. If you are interested in becoming an independent consultant, just simply contact me by calling or emailing.  The sign up is only 99.00 and gives you everything you need for becoming a successful independent consultant, in the direct selling market.   <!--endbody-->